Monday, 21 May 2012

What’s in a name

Obviously I wanted some sort of movement association with my app name. My first go was “ZigSaw”, a jig saw with a little zig and zag. Then I found out that in some countries jig saws are called zig saws. So I moved on to “JiggleSaw”, insert “gle” and make the word jiggle. I did a lot of searching and found a few references to the name but not many. So I went with “JiggleSaw”.

Now two weeks after releasing JiggleSaw I find lots of references when doing a Google search and not all to my game. It looks like to lots of people jiggle saw just means jig saw.

By far the most interesting search result, is several flash jig saw pages offering free jigglesaws. Not sure how these came about but they look to be automatically generated from the search request because it contains “jig” and “saw”.

Another interesting search result for “jigglesaw” are malware spreading sites. They look like they have put up some content about jiggle saw but they exist just to infect your computer. These sites appear to be scrapping content from other sites to try to attract clicks. At least Google stopped me from going to at least one of these sites.

Interestingly this blog has also been attacked with malware. I am given a list of referring web sites. Nearly all of those are touch arcade, the only place I have posted a link. Another site appeared on this list. “Oh another site is linking to my blog, I wonder who” click. Then my virus software was asking nicely if it could reset my computer to finish cleaning some malware it just found. Looks like they will try anything and it worked sadly.

Even with the benefit of hind sight I can’t think of a better name than “JiggleSaw”. If I was creating a new name today, there are a lot more factors I would be trying to take into count.

JiggleSaw has been out for just over 2 weeks I’ll have to do a sales update soon.

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